Allan Parks 
Let me introduce myself...
    My name is Allan Parks. This is my first year coaching a FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team, however, I have spent the last three coaching and mentoring in the First Lego League (FLL).  While our FLL team was very successful in the Regional and Western Ontario Championship events, what I viewed as our best accomplishment was the growth that these students undertook over those years.  They learned valuable skills like team work, problem solving, design, programming and how to present their ideas.  Each year their confidence grew and so did their personal and team successes.  That is why I wanted to start up an FRC team in the Amherstburg area, to give the high school aged youth in our town the chance to do the same.  I look forward to help teach and mentor these students through the First Robotics competitions where they will also learn about STEM, Gracious Professionalism® and Coopertition®. I will be helping spearhead an awesome program with students and mentors from the Amherstburg area. First Robotics focuses on competition based learning and there will be some awesome competitions ahead so Ready the Robot, Build the Alliance and Compete.  Most Importantly, I believe that the experiences and competitions of today are what prepares our youth for the jobs of tomorrow.  If we don't give them this opportunity then we are not preparing them for the job competitions that they will face in the future because other kids are getting this chance.


My Background
    I was born and raised in Amherstburg and still live hear today because I feel lucky to have a good place to call home.  I have worked for CenterLine Windsor Ltd for over twenty years and operate a family farm as well.  


My Education

    At the University of Windsor I obtained my Mechanical Engineering degree and from there I went on to obtain my Professional Engineers Ontario designation as a P.Eng.  I like to tell everyone that university taught me engineering and while doing so taught me how to learn.  I have continued to try and learn new things ever since.


My Family

    I am blessed with an awesome wife and three great children.  They are all very special to me and each possesses their own unique talents.  Supporting their talents and growth for the future is what got me started volunteering.